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A password manager for all your accounts


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RoboForm Password Manager is a version for Android of the same-name classic Windows program, that features the same functionalities: you can store all your paswords so you can easily identify login to any webpage automatically.

The app is very easy to use. RoboForm Password Manager works as a safe browser, so you all you have to do is login to any web page in order to automatically save all your data. Your information will be stored in a virtual safe box that you can access only with the password that you previously set up.

From RoboForm Password Manager's interface you can manage all your passwords, user accounts, and safety notes. Also, you can automatically generate safe passwords that will be directly stored in the app. You can even synchronize your accounts with several devices.

RoboForm Password Manager is a great password manager that has many years of experience on other operative systems. This Android version has been polished, and offers exactly what you would expect from this type of software.
By Rodrigo Bustamante

Requires Android 2.3 or higher